Sheila “Leng” Talaga, Bless’ sister

Our Sans Rival cakes are a shared recipe of Bless’ sister, Leng. Originally from Lucena City, Philippines, we never thought Leng’s dessert would be adopted in the US. 

In 2017, Leng taught Bless how to make her legendary dessert in hopes of starting a small side business. Bless worked full-time in an office in downtown Los Angeles and would come home to fulfill small orders throughout the night and during the weekends. What started as something small turned into a business that required her to quit her job by 2018 and focus solely on Sweet Escape by Leng. As demand grew, Clipper, Bless’ husband, also quit his job early 2020 to help with the expanding business. A month after, the Covid-19 pandemic hit; for a moment we thought our dream was over. Luckily, the pandemic brought in higher demand, allowing us to continue to grow. We turned a dream into an at-home business, to a fully established business, owned and operated by family.

In October 2020, we decided to rename our business to Bless’ Sweet Escape by Leng, commemorating Leng, for establishing our family legacy and for giving us a blessed sweet escape.

Our Sans Rival cakes and brownie bars are a product of love; love of our family, culture, community, and tradition. We are pre-order only as each cake is freshly made for you! Our recipes are followed precisely; we take pride in being authentic and consistent and will always choose quality over quantity.

Through the incredible support and dedication of our Sweet Escapers, our Filipino community, influencers, and by word of mouth our business has expanded to unimaginable lengths. Because of that, people from all backgrounds now get to taste a piece of home. Their support and dedication have inspired us to create new flavors like our Ube Sans Rival and Matcha Sans Rival cake.

Bless Montero, Founder of Sweet Escape